VisKo supports a plug-in architecture consisting of two basic components: (1) a VisKo server that supports the answering of queries by leveraging a knowledge base of visualization services and (2) a set of plugable modules that contribute to the knoweldge base and provide visualization service functionality. From this page you can access information that describes how to install a VisKo server and how to construct your own modules.

1. For Users:

Please visit our SourceForge page, where you can download the latest stable version of VisKo (visko-src.zip), which comes bundled with a set of core modules.

You can install visko-src.zip using the command line and following the set of instructions found in the README.txt.

2. For Module Developers:

Our SVN repository on SourceForge contains two components that support the development of custom modules:

3. For Developers:

SVN has the latest code that may not be necessarily stable -- and that the code is under trunk.

The SVN code has been organized to be used within Eclipse. You must checkout the following as projects:

You can find the master build file in visko-build. This build.xml contains a master target deploy-visko-web, that deploys modules and the server on your tomcat.

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