What is VisKo?

VisKo is a framework supporting the answering of visualization queries that allow users to specify what visualizations they want generated rather that specifying how they should be generated. Rather than developing yet another visualization toolkit, such as Visualization Toolkit (VTK), VisKo aims at reasoning with existing toolkits to satisfy visualization requests.

  • You can start generating visualizations on our VisKo network.
  • You can install your own VisKo server and build up your own visualization knowledge base by creating packages.

VisKo Components

  • Query Language: The query language used to request for visualization generation;
  • Ontologies: The visualization toolkit centric model;
  • Knowledge Base: The collection of model instances;
  • Query Engine: Module that uses the visualization knoweldge base to answer visualization queries;

The VisKo Advantage

How challenging would it be to generate the following assortment of visualizations? How long would it take to learn the different toolkits required to generate them? Provided a rich knoweldge base of visualization serivces, VisKo can automatically figure out how to generate visualizations given only a query that specifies what visualizations are being requested. Below is a variety of different visualizations generated from a single gravity dataset, resulting from the execution of a single VisKo query.

VisKo website host: UTEP Trust Group Website

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